New Orleans

No trains from Florida across the country, so we fly to New Orleans.

First up, a visit to Jackson Square



The next day after a leisurely  breakfast we decide we will take the ferry across the Mississippi.  No, the ferry is undergoing repairs.



Never mind we will take the St Charles line streetcar to the Cemetery, oh that’s where the fun began!

We waited, and waited for a streetcar along with many other in steamy New Orleans.  Eventually a car came and we all piled on, standing room only!  So far, so good! A couple of stops down the line the driver stops to tell a waiting passenger the is car is full and

there is another right behind, the passenger is having none of it, he wants on this car and no other!
30 hot, sweaty minutes later, the transport police, and New Orleans police show up and escort the passenger away.
At last, on to the cemetery, but after that ride, sustenance is required, a nice little coffee shop provides a snack. Then on to the cemetery, oh no it shuts at 2:30 or 3pm, depending on which gate you go to.  Ah, well another time.  More rides on the streetcars, none of which seem to go through to their posted destinations, we had to change cars on every trip, and met a gentleman down by the French Market who just didn’t like the ways the guys on the streetcars ran things!